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We assist people to better understand and recover from their unique harmful religious or spiritual experiences and  the painful relational dynamics of family estrangement. Our goal is to support people to process their abusive experiences for improved insight, emotional growth, relational healing and spiritual development. This is accomplished through life-recovery coaching, periodic support and recovery groups, and various online and in-person educational resources.

Patrick J. Knapp, PhD. and Heidi I. Knapp, CLC


About Becoming Free,  LLC

© 2011 Becoming Free - Involved in the field since 1984

We provide professionally facilitated support/recovery groups, consultation services
for clinicians and educators, workshops, educational conferences & 
(both in-person & HIPAA compliant on-line video services).
Patrick and Heidi Knapp

Spiritual or religious abuse consists of behaviors and beliefs that damage, pervert or hinder one’s understanding of and relationship with God.   It is fundamental to our nature that we are created in God’s image and designed to get our meaning from Him. 


The spiritual abuser encourages one to replace God by something or someone as the source of ultimate personal fulfillment.  This misrepresents what it means to be made in the image of God.  It deeply strikes to the core of who we are.

Becoming Free provides professionally facilitated support/recovery groups and Life-Coaching options, that offer psycho-social education in the context of safe relational support.  Our support groups are for adults who have suffered previous involvement in harmful/abusive religious or spiritual environments.


Additionally, we offer a friends and family one day educational seminar. This seminar is for friends and family that have loved ones involved in religiously abusive environments or who have just recently exited.  The date and time of the next Friends and Family Seminar, is to be announced. 

Life-Recovery Coaching
Support Groups

   Patrick J. & Heidi I Knapp

                   Support and Recovery Group Format:

  • Meetings are 2 hour duration, held once a week for 12 weeks.

  • Meets currently online on which is HIPAA compliant

  • Consist of 6-10 adults, no additional members after 3rd week.

  • Promote confidentiality within it's membership.

  • Initial intake fee of $85.00 which includes a one hour intake for the protection of our members and appropriate disposition. 

  • Call or email us for more information: 

  • Provides a safe place to discuss past harmful relational experiences.

  • Improve insight and understanding of one's religious abuse.

  • Gain recovery strategies to find healing, hope and perspective.

  • Information to encourage a better understanding of oneself/identity.

  • Outline healthy strategies for re-approaching future social or religious group involvement.   

  • Flexible Coaching options, in-person,  online or phone.    

      We strongly encourage those who wish to begin the recovery process to        consider Life-Recovery Coaching.  Life Coaching can be beneficial way          to move forward in the recovery process with a one on one personalized        program.


               Please visit our Life-Coaching page for more information.


Support Groups now run on an as needed basis, and as we are available. Some of our support groups consist of former members of abuse groups, and sometimes for parents or loved ones that are left behind. For a group to be formed; at least 6 adult group members willing to participate will be required.  Also, see the above tag Support/Recovery Groups for current groups being offered.


    How  Can We Help You ?

   One-on-one & couples

  Life-Recovery Coaching

Providing Client/Coach relational support with the aim of helping clients determine & achieve personal goals in their course of recovery. It is our desire to provide a safe relational environment. We use a variety of strategic relational tools, combined with one on one or couple support providing education to help clients set and reach their desired goals.

         Support & Recovery 


  Provides a safe place to       discuss  past harmful spiritual       experiences, improve insight and understanding of one's   religious abuse, provide a   support system with those of   similar background, offer   information to encourage   better spiritual decision   making, meet once a week,   consist of 5-10 adults of similar   backgrounds & needs



Conference Speaking,   Educational  Workshops &   Webinars (coming soon).


 For many years we have spoken     at conference and educational   workshops. These are specifically on the subject of religious abuse and recovery. They are designed for former members, friends and family and various professionals seeking a deeper understanding of religious abuse recovery. 

          Special Events 


 Periodically we coordinate      special events (ie. picnics, lectures, informal gatherings). These are conducted throughout the year & are typically free to those attending.




Pat & Heidi Knapp

720-227-8695 cell

303-362-9025 fax

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© 2011 Becoming Free - Involved in the field since 1984

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