Life-Recovery Coaching - Spiritual or religious abuse recovery 

Life-recovery coaching provides Client/Coach relational support with the aim of helping clients determine and achieve personal goals in their course of recovery.  A life-recovery coach is not a therapist or counselor.  A life-recovery coach accesses the past, while primarily focusing on working with the client in the present yet looking toward future recovery goals. Life-recovery coaching offered through Becoming Free, is client directed, and focuses on working with you to find strategies that work best with your personality and stage of recovery. We use a variety of strategic relational tools, combined with one-on-one or couple support, providing education to help clients set and reach their desired goals. 


Becoming Free Life-Recovery Coaching can move you as a client toward positive adult development, through personalized education and support.  Life-recovery coaching also draws inspiration from disciplines including sociology, psychology, theology and positive adult development.  We specialize in working with people who have been harmed by dysfunctional Christian churches, subgroups or organizations, Mormonism, Jehovah Witnesses, Scientology, New age groups and a host of others. Some of the specialized recovery categories of interest may be:

Dealing with relationships – How does one unravel top down spiritual authority and develop healthy relationships. Working with conflict or confusion within a relationship, group, community or family, and how to distinguish what is healthy from unhealthy, then work toward healthy relational goals.

Boundaries – How does one distinguish good and unhealthy boundaries and how does one reset healthy appropriate boundaries?

Identity – How is one’s own identity reshaped after having had another’s perspective imposed?

Grief and Loss – How might one best process the grief over the loss of relationships, years invested, loss of identity, self efficacy and life opportunities?

Stress management – How does one manage stress following the involvement in a religiously abusive environment?

Understanding the Place of Mind Control – How might one best understand mind control and recover from it?

Emotional Triggers – What are they and how might one work through them in a positive way? 

Co-dependency cycles – What is co-dependency and how are co-dependent cycles broken for healthier relationships?

Theological issues and questions – What place might spiritual or religious beliefs have in our recovery?

First contact -  No cost 15-20 minutes phone consultation (720-227-8695) 

Required intake interview – 1 hour in-person, on-line or phone – $75 (No on-going obligation)

  • PayPal - Visa/MasterCard/cash accepted, sorry no checks accepted.

  • Online HIPAA compliant meetings are available through

  • Payment is required prior to service, no insurance is accepted.

On-going coaching costs  – all sessions 55 minutes – per/session cost is $90-$180 (Sliding scale may be available based on need       and availability) please call for details (720-227-8695).

   (Coaching sessions are typically provided in a minimum 3 week package/1 session/week).