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Support and Recovery Groups

For many years Becoming Free LLC has provided professionally facilitated support/recovery groups that offer psycho-social education in the context of safe relational support.  These include both former members groups and supportive friends/family groups.  These groups are for adults who have been effected by abusive/harmful religious or spiritual environments and typically meet 12x once/week for a two-hour period.


                 Becoming Free - Virtual and In-person Groups 

                 “Applying recovery and healing principles from religious abuse, to our daily life experience”

Upcoming Dates: To be determined on an as-needed and available basis

Core Topics: 

  • #1 Introduction – Sharing of Pat and Heidi’s stories; guidelines for group dynamics

  • #2 Sharing our stories & discussion of SECURE (Our model for recovery)

  • #3 Sharing our stories & discussion on Triggers - defining & controlling them for recovery

  • #4 Sharing our stories & discussion on Mind Control/Thought Reform - what it is/how it works

  • #5 Sharing our stories & discussion on Relationships/Boundaries - what are healthy, what are not

 Group elected topics (Sessions 6-12):  Details found here


We encourage attendance for your benefit and for the cohesive benefit of the group. We understand occasional absentness, but after 2 occasions of being absent from the group we will need to discuss with you, ongoing participation with-in the group.

The cost usually averages $15.00 per person for each group session.  You can choose to pay for half of the sessions up front or all twelve sessions prior to the first meeting.  We are offering scholarship discounts for those in need, please check with us ahead of time regarding qualifications.

Additionally, we require an intake session with each potential group member prior to joining the group. This intake session gives us an opportunity to hear more about your current needs as well as a time for you to ask us questions. For those who have already participated in the intake process with-in the last two years, no intake session will be required. The intake fee is $85, and we offer several payment methods (see above forms/payments/donations tab).

We look forward to growing with you in this healing journey, more details about upcoming groups will be posted here. 

                       For remaining questions: or call us at 720-227-8695

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