Support/Recovery Groups

For many years Becoming Free LLC has provided professionally facilitated support/recovery groups that offer psycho-social education in the context of safe relational support.  These groups are for adults who have suffered previous involvement in abusive/harmful religious or spiritual environments.


        Becoming Free - New Weekly Virtual Support Group for Women

                        “Applying recovery and healing principles from religious abuse, to our daily life experience”

Dates: Sundays January 16th – March 20th (4:00– 5:30pm) Mountain Standard Time

Place: Virtual-Online. You will need either a laptop, home PC, or tablet to participate, and a reasonably quiet place for involvement with-in the group. This is for your benefit as well as for the privacy of the other group members.  Becoming Free is located near the Denver Colorado. Through offering an online format, we look forward to providing a group experience for women living in Colorado and for those living in other parts of the United States.

In creating a woman’s only group it is our desire to focus on some of the topics that are closer to a woman’s core needs. Over the years of listening to many woman’s stories of religious abuse, unique needs and themes, frequently come up. Here are “some” of the topics we will be addressing in the group:

  •  We will share our stories through a series of questions and contemplations.

  • “How Emotional Triggers play out in Daily Life” identifying and managing them.

  • “Healthy self-reflection, a Stronger You” learn to recognize & honor your true self.

  • “Uniquely You and Owning Your Life” developing identity is a process.

  • “Navigating difficult Relational Territory” finding healthy perspectives and skills.

  • “Identifying Supportive Relationships” principles for grace and mutuality.

  • “Reclaiming our Lives” moving forward, reframing and hope.


All study materials will be provided each week.  Two or three short contemplations and an occasional article related to our weekly topic will be sent over to you along with a few questions. The reading material will not be extensive, but completion of the reading and thoughtfully answering the questions is important for participation during our discussions.

We encourage attendance for your benefit and for the cohesive benefit of the group. We understand occasional absentness, but after 2 occasions of being absent from the group we will need to discuss with you, ongoing participation with-in the group.

Cost: $15.00 per person for each group session or you can choose to pay for half of the sessions up front or all ten group sessions prior to the January 16th start date, (We are not doing weekly payments for this group) however, we are offering a hardship discount for those in need, please check with us ahead of time regarding qualifications.

Additionally, we require an intake session with each potential group member prior to joining the group. This intake session gives us an opportunity to hear more about your current needs as well as a time for you to ask us questions. For those who have already participated in the intake process with-in the last two years, no intake session will be required. The intake fee is $75, and we offer two different payment options: PayPal or Venmo. Again, if financial hardship is an issue, please contact us for a price reduction consideration.

I (Heidi), look forward to growing with you in this healing journey, more details about this woman’s support group will be posted on our website or sent out to you in December…

Till then, take good care of yourself and Happy Holidays!

                                               Would you or someone you know like to attend?  

For more information: or call us at 720-227-8695