Support/Recovery Groups

For many years Becoming Free LLC has provided professionally facilitated support/recovery groups that offer psycho-social education in the context of safe relational support.  These groups are for adults who have suffered previous involvement in abusive/harmful religious or spiritual environments.


We are planning a new online support/recovery group for August 19-November 4, 2021 which will take place on, a HIPAA compliant video service.  This group will meet on Thursday evenings 6-7:30pm (MDT).  All potential group members will be pre-screened for appropriate involvement and for the safety of our members.  Pat will facilitate.  The deadline for application is August 10, 2021.    

The intent of these support groups are to provide:

•  A safe place to process one’s harmful spiritual involvements
•  An improved level of insight to understand one’s experience of religious abuse
•  A relational support system with those of similar background
•  Information to encourage better spiritual decisions

These support groups will consist of:

•  6-10 adults with similar backgrounds of harmful spiritual abuse.
•  A professional facilitator with a similar background as other group members
•  Self-respecting guidelines for group support and behaviors
•  The use of Psycho-Social education in a context of relational support

These groups will:

• Not involve group therapy or personal counseling
• Not be open to additional members after the 2nd session
• Promote confidentiality to be held within its membership
• Require an intake interview to ensure the safety and applicability of group involvement 

• Involve minimal cost for group membership 

                                               Would you or someone you know like to attend?  

For more information: or call us at 720-227-8695